Starting an AIG

About AIG’s

Thank you for your interest in starting an Alumni Interest Group (AIG) with the University of Virginia Alumni Association. The purpose of the AIG is to bring together alumni that share a commonality and have built a tie or bond to each other as part of the University experience. These volunteer organizations, supported by the staff at the Alumni Association, are designed to link alumni, the Alumni Association, and the University community.

First Steps

If you are interested in starting an Alumni Interest Group, make sure that your proposed group will bring a unique contribution to the Alumni Association and the University that is not already accomplished or included in the mission and purpose of an existing AIG. The group must be able explain the mission of their formation.

Make sure you have several alumni peers who will help you get organized, promote your cause and get moving in the right direction. Each AIG consists of a board and working committees composed of volunteer alumni. You will be responsible for garnering interest and filling these positions.

Contact the Director of Alumni Interest Groups, Kate Redding,, and present your initial idea.  Alumni Association staff will determine whether or not there are enough alumni coded in the Alumni Association database for your group to proceed.  Please note:  It must be easily determined that an alumnus/a is associated with that group.  For instance, we would not assume that a person who was a biology major would be interested in joining an AIG for medical professionals.  It must be clearly defined.

Next Steps

Once your initial idea has been presented and it is determined that there are enough alumni in the Alumni Association database to proceed, your group will be required to do the following:

  1. Design a mission statement for your new AIG.
  2. Create an Alumni Board and committee structure and fill each of the positions.
  3. Create working bylaws for the board.
  4. Develop a five year strategic plan and goals for your AIG.  The goals can include fundraising, but cannot be its primary focus.
  5. Make an appointment and present the above listed to the Director of AIGs.

Creating an AIG is a lengthy process, as the Alumni Association would like to assess and ensure the success and longevity of the AIG over time.  The final determination of the status of the AIG lies with the Alumni Association’s governing body, the Board of Managers.

For more information about starting an AIG and on the above listed guidelines and procedures, send an e-mail to Kate Redding at or call 434-243-9068.