VAAN for Prospective Students

Jasmine Drake, Lindsay Herron, Kaeisha O'Neal

Connect with a VAAN Volunteer

The VAAN program is looking to assist students from underrepresented groups by giving them a better understanding of the University of Virginia’s commitment to diversity. If students are interested in connecting with a VAAN volunteer, please email to be contacted via email within one week by an alumnus/a who will identify him/herself as a VAAN volunteer. The meeting is an informational meeting, not an interview, and not an official part of the application process.

Admission FAQs

  • How do I obtain an application and learn of application deadlines? Please refer to the Office of Undergraduate Admission’s timetable.
  • What do you suggest I do during a campus visit? We highly recommend students attend an Admissions Information Session and take a student-led tour, both of which are offered weekdays and Saturdays by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. Participation does not affect an admission decision. Furthermore, if a student has a particular interest in any pre-professional school, we would recommend taking the school-specific tour as well.
  • When should I come? You are welcome to visit Grounds anytime. The Office of Undergraduate Admission offers information sessions and tours year-round, excluding major holidays. If you are flexible, however, we would suggest visiting during the academic year when classes are in session. Seeing UVA when the students are here gives you a better sense of the community. You also have the option of sitting in on an open class.
  • Can I attend a class? Yes, class visits will help you learn more about academic life at UVA the Admission Office maintains an open class list you should check at
  • What if I can’t make it to Grounds? What options do I have? It is possible that a representative from UVA will visit your area, learn more about this opportunity here. You can also take a virtual tour of our residence facilities. We encourage you to explore UVA’s Website where you have the opportunity to view webpages of student activities as well as look up class offerings and academic requirements.