Frequently Asked Questions

General ALP FAQ

What admission service does the UVA Alumni Association provide for alumni?

The Admission Liaison Program (ALP) is available to any alumni parent who has a student (legacy) thinking about the college admission process. The ALP is meant to complement, not replace, the information provided by the UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Who qualifies for legacy status?

Children of all University of Virginia degree recipients are considered legacies during the undergraduate admission process.  Stepchildren residing with a step-parent who has a UVA diploma are also considered legacies.

What can the Alumni Association’s Admission Liaison Program offer me?

The ALP provides a point of contact and a source of information for alumni families who have children applying as a first year or transfer applicant to one of UVA’s five undergraduate programs (Architecture, Arts & Sciences, Engineering, Kinesiology, or Nursing) or considering transfer admission to one of UVA’s upper-divisional undergraduate programs (McIntire School of Commerce, Batten School for Leadership and Public Policy, or programs in the Curry School of Education).

How does the ALP work?

There are two parts to the ALP; Part One is a prerequisite for Part Two.

First, families participate in Legacy Information Session (via a webinar they can watch on their own time). This session walks families through admission process and timelines, reveals stats from most recent admission cycle, and discusses the profile of a competitive legacy applicant.

Second, Individual Meetings are scheduled online via our meeting request form.  Meetings may take place in person, via phone, or via Skype with either the director or assistant director.  Staff will spend 30 minutes with the legacy student and his/her parents.  The student brings a copy of his/her high school’s profile (a handout containing information about the school; the guidance office normally has these) and an unofficial copy of his/her transcript so that we can have a concrete discussion about the student’s strengths and areas of improvement.

When do you recommend participating with the ALP?

All legacies are eligible to meet with the ALP up to two times prior to the submission of their application.  We recommend the first meeting taking place at some point in the sophomore year, and the best time for the second (or “update”) meeting to take place once the student has completed their junior year.

If my student is in 9th or 10th grade, is there anything else you’d encourage they consider?

Every June, the Alumni Association and the UVA Office of Undergraduate Admission co-sponsor Alumni Family Days (AFD).  This program lasts a day and a half and aims to give participants a better understanding of all the factors that affect an admission decision at a competitive institution.  Featured sessions include a panel discussion featuring admission deans from a host of colleges and universities, a workshop on effective essay writing, and a mock evaluation of admission cases.  Participation in the program has no bearing on a candidate’s admission to the University.  The program is offered because we think the event is informative and valuable for families engaged in the college search process. Check out our Upcoming Events page for more information.

If my student is in 7th or 8th grade, are there any resources available?

Yes! Please email the ALP for tailored guides for the student and for the parent about the middle school years.

Does participation in the ALP or AFD increase chances of admission?

Both the ALP and AFD are entirely optional, preparatory programs that have no bearing on a student’s chances of admission.  Approximately half of the legacies whom apply each year meet with the ALP.

Individual Meeting FAQ

Does UVA require interviews for applicants?

There are no interviews in UVA’s admission selection process; however, students may schedule an informational meeting with the ALP to learn about the admission process, and have an individual discussion about their own individual transcript.

How can I schedule a meeting?

To schedule a meeting with the ALP, please use the online meeting request form located on our website.

Any questions may be directed to  We encourage you to contact us 1-8 weeks in advance of your preferred meeting date.

When can I schedule a meeting?

Legacies who have completed their freshman year of high school are welcome to schedule a weekday meeting. Our scheduler allows families to request a meeting up to four months in advance of a date. We do not meet with seniors after October 1st of their senior year. All alumni and their legacies who choose to participate in the ALP are given a total of two meetings prior to application submission.  We find that these meetings are most helpful when initially held in the sophomore year of high school and again at the end of the junior year of high school.

What can I expect from the meeting?

The 30-minute meeting is a discussion between the student, his/her parent(s), and the Director or Assistant Director of the ALP.  The student has an opportunity to introduce him/herself and to have a concrete discussion of their record-to-date and plans for the future.  Students and parents are welcome to ask any questions they might have.  Students need to bring an unofficial copy of their transcript and a copy of their school’s profile.  These documents may be obtained from the school’s guidance office.

What should I wear to the meeting?

We recommend standard “business casual” attire for our meetings.

Application FAQ 

How do I apply and learn of application deadlines?

Prior to working on the Common Application, please review UVA’s Office of Undergraduate Admission timetable.

How important is the legacy status in the admission process?

There are multiple components of the application; the academic pieces (e.g. curriculum, grades) are considered the most important.  The legacy tie is a positive supplement to your application, and while impossible to quantify, legacy status is an important consideration in the deans’ application review. Being a legacy is not reason enough to gain admission to UVA.  Every student who gets accepted to UVA does so on his/her own merit.

What is the application process for legacies?

The process is the same for all applicants, regardless of legacy status.  Legacy status is indicated in the space where students are asked to list their parents’ biographical information.

Should I send any materials (resume, recommendations, etc.) to the Alumni Association?

The two documents that the ALP requires are your high school profile and transcript. You may bring a resume if it helps you to discuss your extracurricular activities and other accomplishments. The ALP does not need a copy of your Common Application.

Does it help if I have multiple family members who have attended UVA?

You are considered a legacy whether you have one alumni parent or two.  Neither the depth (generations) nor breadth of your alumni family ties affect your legacy status.

Is there an advantage for legacies to apply Early Decision or Early Action?

Applying Early Action does not indicate to the deans that you have more interest in coming to UVA, and you do not get extra points for applying early. You should apply when you will be the strongest applicant. While we cannot tell a student when to apply (ED vs. EA vs. RD), we can help them to see what choices s/he can make based on his/her own record.  For further information about EA vs. RD, refer to Dean J’s blog post here.

Is legacy status considered at all during Regular Decision?

Yes.  Parental degree information is noted in all undergraduate applications – Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, and Transfer.

What influence does the Alumni Association have in the application process?

The ALP is simply preparatory and has no influence throughout the application process.

What percentage of legacies are admitted?

Nearly 47% of legacies that applied in the 2018 admission cycle received admission.

If I am applying as a transfer applicant, will the classes I am taking at my current college transfer to UVA?

You may determine which classes may transfer here.

Visiting Grounds FAQ

What would you suggest I do during a visit to Grounds?

On a Monday or Friday, you could attend the Office of Undergraduate Admission general information session 10:15-11:00am, participate on a walking tour of Grounds 11:00-12:30pm, then participate in your individual 30-minute meeting with the ALP.

On a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, you could attend the Office of Undergraduate Admission general information session 10:15-11:00am, and participate on a walking tour of Grounds 11:00-12:30pm.  On a Tuesday or Thursday, you could also participate in your individual 30-minute meeting with ALP.  We do not conduct individual meetings on Wednesdays.

Additional school and department tours will be listed on the Office of Undergraduate Admission website.

While there is no ALP programming on the weekends, the Office of Undergraduate Admission does offer information sessions and student-led tours on Saturdays.

When should I visit Grounds?

You are welcome to visit Grounds anytime.  The Office of Undergraduate Admission offers information sessions and tours year-round, excluding major holidays.  If you are flexible, however, we would suggest visiting during the academic year when classes are in session.  Seeing UVA when the students are here gives a better sense of the community.

Can I stay overnight with a current student?

Yes.  If you wish to stay overnight you must contact the Monroe Society least two weeks prior to your visit.

Can I attend a class?

Absolutely!  Class visits will help you learn more about academic life at UVA.  The Office of Undergraduate Admission maintains a class list for students wishing to sit in on a class.

Can the ALP arrange for me to meet with a coach?

No.  We are unable to be involved in any athletic recruiting process.

What if I can’t make it to Grounds?  What options do I have?

It is possible that a dean from UVA will visit your area –  You can also take a virtual tour or our residence facilities.  We encourage you to explore UVA’s where you have the opportunity to view information about student activities as well as look up class offerings and academic requirements.

How can I get on the ALP mailing list?

Sign up to receive ALP news here. We also communicate with alumni via Virginia Magazine, Alumni Family Days, Reunions, and more.