Legacy Link Mentorship Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Legacy Link Program?

The mission of the Legacy Link Program is to connect current UVA students with prospective high school legacy students in order to provide another touch point (not to replace the ALP counselors’ meetings) and foster a sense of community.

How do mentors and mentees communicate?

Current UVA students (mentors) will email or set up phone/video conversations with prospective high school legacy students (mentees).

How are mentors and mentees matched?

The Legacy Link Program Director will match pairs based on shared academic and extracurricular interests, collected from a brief survey.

As a mentee, what’s in it for me?

You’ll get to connect with a UVA student who’s not only been through the college process, but who also has very recent insight on what it’s like to be a student at UVA specifically. Peer-to-peer support!

As a mentor, what’s in it for me?

If you think back to your own college application journey, you may recall that sometimes it was an overwhelming and murky process—maybe you has wished for some guidance from someone who had just gone through it. Now is your chance! As UVA prides itself as being in the service of others, this is a very specific opportunity to put yourself back in your younger-self’s shoes and help younger students along the way.

As a mentor, what is the time commitment?

There will be one training session each semester, and you may set up your own communication schedule with your mentee. We recommend checking in at least every month or two via phone, video, or email.