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Legacy Information Sessions

Monday and Friday our office hosts a legacy information session. The Alumni Association’s legacy sessions (held in Alumni Hall) are scheduled at 9:00 a.m. and last approximately one hour.  If interested in attending a legacy information session only, please contact Anne McLernon.

The legacy information session is also available for viewing via a webinar.  Instructions for access and handouts for the webinar are available from Anne McLernon.

The live legacy session on Mondays and Fridays and the webinar cover the same content.

A legacy student is defined by the Office of Admission as a child of a degree-holder. Step-children are also considered legacy applicants if they reside with a step-parent who has earned a UVA diploma.

The legacy information session (live or via webinar) covers the role of the ALP in the admission process, legacy admission statistics and a discussion of the basic elements of a competitive legacy application. It is important for both the parent and the student to attend.

Once the information session is completed, the Director or Associate Director will spend 30 minutes with the legacy and his/her parents. In the individual meeting, they will review the student’s high school’s profile and an unofficial copy of his/her transcript. This will provide the context for a concrete discussion about the student’s record. The Admission Liaison Program is most helpful for high school sophomores, juniors and seniors (who have not yet submitted their application).

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