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Class of 2024 Undergraduate Admission Statistics*

*Source:  Dean J’s Blog

Total Applications

Total applications: 41,017 (40,839 last year)
Total number of Virginia apps: 12,180
Total number of out-of-state apps: 28,837

Total Offers of Admission

Overall offers: 8,420
Total Virginia offers:  3,972 (33% offer rate)
Total out-of-state offers:  4,448 (15% offer rate)

NOTE:  Because residency is a major factor in the Office of Undergraduate Admission’s review, the offer rates for Virginia and out-of-state are reported separately.  It would be misleading to average them together.

Defers and Waiting List

Deferred students offered admission: 8% (12% last year)
Waiting list offers: 17% (13% last year)

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