Class Councils & Trustees

Alumni Association staff advise and support the First-Year, Second-Year and Third-Year Class Councils and Fourth-Year Trustees in selecting Council members, organizing the class gift, and planning events such as Lighting of the Lawn, Class Dinners, and Casino Night.

Trustees and Class Council members are charged with identifying and programming events to serve the unique needs of their respective classes.


Class of 2017 Website

2017 First Year Council President
Abraham Axler

2017 First Year Council Vice-President
Lital Firestone


Class of 2016 Website

2016 Second Year Council President
Andrew Kwon

2016 Second Year Council Vice-President
Conrad Tindell



Class of 2015 Website

2015 Third Year Council President
Will Laverack

2015 Third Year Council Vice-President
Blake Griggs



Class of 2014 Website

2014 Trustees President
Brandon Moores

2014 Trustees Vice-President
Haider Arshad

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