Student Programs

Students are future alumni and the Alumni Association and the University have services and programs to meet their needs while they are on Grounds and beyond.

Class Councils & Trustees

Trustees and Class Councils program events to serve the unique needs of their respective classes. They organize the class gift and plan events such as Lighting of the Lawn, Class Dinners and Casino Night.

Student Life Membership

Student life membership is an opportunity for current U.Va. students to support the programs and services provided by the Alumni Association and enjoy free membership privileges before graduating.


The Alumni Association administers many scholarships for U.Va. students, including the Legacy Scholarship that goes to children of alumni each year.

Student Organization Account Services

The Alumni Association provides financial services to many self-governing student organizations on Grounds.


The UVaExpress is free transportation from Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. and Charlottesville Airport to the University of Virginia. The program welcomes international first-year and transfer students to the University on a specific day each year.

UVaClubs Student Ambassadors

UVaClubs student ambassadors establish connections, provide enrichment and further the University’s tradition of service by sharing the student experience with alumni, friends and families to their communities at home.

Student Send-Offs

UVaClubs around the world coordinate Student Send-off events for incoming first-years, transfers, returning and graduate students as well as parents. We invite you to attend a Send-off event in your area this summer.

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