Prep step

Submitted on Jun 17, 2014 by Cathy (Com ’90)

Does anyone have a video on how to do the prep step? If so, please send me a link!! My son is attending a dance and I’d like to teach it to him.

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  1. Nelson Jon Kane on said:
    I don't know if anyone knows about this forum or not. Perhaps there's a way to inform all alumni that it exists. Any UVa football fans out there? Are you psyched for the big game against UCLA? :)

Not working in your major field

Submitted on Apr 3, 2014 by Frank Forman (Col ’66, Grad ’68)

Many of us, if not most, wind up in a career in a field one didn’t major in. Even so, choosing that major was not a waste of time. We would all like to know your own career path and how you nevertheless benefited.

In my own case, I was a math major, though I hardly…more >

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  1. Tony Ross on said:
    My degree is in accounting, but I'm a Longshoreman I got the degree because I really thought I would enjoy working in accounting. I love numbers and math but realized that I don't like all the laws and regulations that you have to know to work in accounting. By the time I realized I...more >
    • Frank Forman on said:
      Congratulations on following your bliss, Tony! What I really wanted to know is how your studying helped you. Did you learn to "think like an accountant"? I can't imagine that you do much accountant work on your job. Even so, might you nevertheless find that you are pretty unique in thinking about the financial consequences...more >
      • Rob Carmines on said:
        I graduated with 26 guys in my Fraternity (Pi Kappa Alpha) in 1980 and I am the only one working in my major! All of the others are doing great and many of us get together multiple times a year. I really enjoy the diversity of my being a CPA (obviously I was...more >
        • Frank Forman on said:
          Thanks for this, Rob. I'm an economist, and I can tell you I had a thing against the accountants when I worked at the Civil Aeronautics Board, 1969-84. As an economist, I understand that the values that matter in exchange are subjective. If you sell me a newspaper for a dollar, this means I value...more >
  2. Heyward Grimball (CLAS '09 Comm '10) on said:
    I suppose I'm a bit different for this group as I am at the beginning of my career rather than the end. I was History major at UVA then I got a 1 year business degree from McIntire. Subsequently, I've earned a law degree and a Masters in International Business from South Carolina....more >

How My Major Helped My Work, Even though I don’t work in my major field

Submitted on Apr 3, 2014 by Frank Forman (Col ’66, Grad ’68)

This is in response to Terry Sullivan’s article, “Good Advice,” in the current U.Va. Magazine. Excellent ideas, all, and here’s how you alumni might contribute.

I was a math major but never did any math beyond high school algebra at work. In solving a proving a theorem in mathematics, you often generalize to a larger problem,…more >

Support AccessUVA Financial Aid!

Submitted on Aug 15, 2013 by Mary Nguyen Barry (Col ’10)

Hi all,

As you may have heard, UVA’s Board of Visitors voted to overhaul AccessUVa and scale back funding for this incredibly groundbreaking financial aid program. AccessUVa began in 2004 when UVA capped how much middle-class students have to borrow and ensured low-income families that already have high debt or high financial need that they could…more >

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  1. Kate on said:
    Sign the petition at

Operation Support Sullivan!

Submitted on Mar 11, 2013 by Susanna Nicholson (Col ’80)

Do you love your University President? Me too. Please join us in a statement of support for Pres. Sullivan: Don’t know the background to the current problems on Grounds? Here’s the Washington Post link:…more >

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  1. M.A. (Ginger)The past isn’t dead The University remains at the center of a national debate about faculty, trustee governance McCarthy Johnson on said:
    . From the Managing Board of the Cavalier Daily: The past isn’t dead The University remains at the center of a national debate about faculty, trustee governance
  2. M.A. (Ginger)McCarthy Johnson on said:
    . From the Richmond Times Dispatch -- Thursday, March 14, 2013 : > Report: U.Va. crisis resulted from ‘headstrong rector’ A “headstrong rector” sought to remove a president who failed to conform to her image of “bold academic captaincy,” resulting in a yet-unresolved leadership crisis at the University of Virginia, says a report released today by the American...more >

The UVa Governance Roundtable

Submitted on Mar 11, 2013 by Richard D. Marks (Col ’66)

UVa Corporate Governance – Faculty, Alumni, and Student
Opportunities for Collaboration

The UVa Governance Roundtable

March 5, 2013

UVa Alumni for Responsible Corporate Governance has been developing plans for new collaborations to improve corporate governance at UVa. Economic, technological, societal, and demographic changes are creating increased competition and imposing enormous pressures on higher education in the U.S. and abroad.…more >

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  1. Richard D. Marks on said:
    William A. Wulf, University Professor Emeritus, has joined the UVa Governance Roundtable as a signatory.

Steve Landes bill

Submitted on Jan 22, 2013 by Susanna Nicholson (Col ’80, Grad ’83)

Virginia residents: please feel free to call your state representatives in support of bills 1952 and 1940, sponsored by the Republican Delegate of the 25th district. I hope you’ll voice support for his bill on board reform throughout the Commonwealth. They are the fruit of dialogues and public meetings on governance following the events of…more >

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  1. Sam on said:
    Do you love your University President? Me too. Please join us in s statement of support for Pres. Sullivan: Don't know the background to the current problems on Grounds? Here's the Washington Post link: >

Proposals to Change Honor System

Submitted on Jan 21, 2013 by Bill Irvin (Com ’73)

Having elected jurors is a good idea, and it probably would strengthen the conviction rate, because only those who really care about honor would choose to run. But offering a one-year suspension if you’re caught? Please don’t argue that’s not a second, lesser sanction. And is it really wise to promise beforehand that if you’re…more >

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  1. Bruce Milam BA '74, M.Ed '76 on said:
    The Honor System has come up for change in referendums as long as I remember. I think Mr. Irvin makes a good argument that it is time for restructure, aind hopefully the changes will strengthen the system rather than put it on a slippery slope. It breaks my heart to learn of a...more >
    • Michael Lawler on said:
      The Honor System is not a criminal system. It is a social contract, a compact of like minded individuals, a community of students who pledge to respect the integrity of the academic endeavors of their fellow students. At the outset, the single consequence of taking academic advantage is understood. Having a...more >
  2. Shawn Grain Carter on said:
    Thank you Michael for your insightful comments. The "single sanction" system has been debated frequently. All admitted students sign the pledge when they attend UVA. I hope we uphold the Honor System as it stands. Sincerely yours, SGC College '82

Help Defeat Confirmation of Helen Dragas

Submitted on Jan 15, 2013 by Richard D. Marks (Col ’66)

You Can Help Defeat Confirmation of Helen Dragas for Another Term on The Board of Visitors

NOTE: Check for updates.

On Tuesday afternoon, January 15, at 4:00 pm, the Virginia Senate Privileges and Elections Committee meets in Richmond. The committee will vote on whether to recommend confirmation of Helen Dragas for another term on UVa’s Board…more >

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  1. Terry Birkel on said:
    Comments sent yesterday to all members of the Virginia Legislature: Dear Senators and Delegates, Helen Dragas’s record disqualifies her for a second term on UVa’s Board of Visitors. Voting against confirmation is no longer about the usual political loyalties, but about accountability for poor performance and breach of fiduciary responsibility on the Board of Visitors. This is...more >
    • John Fornaro on said:
      Thanks for that link to the open letter; it added to my knowledge regarding the secret coup. There was no question but that Ms. Dragas was in the wrong in orchestrating that coup. The time to fire her, was right then and there. Remember also, that the Governor basically threatened the BOV...more >
  2. Brian on said:
    After the UVA Student Council passed a resolution on Friday to recommend blocking the reappointment of Ms. Dragas in the VA General Assembly, I thought her response was rather interesting. You can dig up the direct quote yourself, but the essence of it was that she was disappointed that the Student Council has somehow...more >

What Have You Changed Your Mind about?”

Submitted on Dec 27, 2012 by Frank Forman (Col ’66, Grad ’68)

On the conversation thread, “How Liberal Are the Faculty at UVa Today,” Charles Howell speaks of a “political effort to denigrate academic exploration because it may further inevitable social changes” and states “UVa should further intellectual curiosity and exploration at all levels, while ensuring that competing intellectual views are fully represented. And if that translates…more >

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  1. Frank Forman, CAS 1996 on said:
    I am sad that no replies came forth, though this does not prove that every last one of us is afraid to follow truth to places we may not like. To find out what 166 thinkers have changed their minds about, please visit Edge Annual Question for 2008: What Have You Changed Your Mind...more >

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