Another Story and Call To Action

Submitted on Nov 26, 2014 by Kelly Horwitz (Law ’99)

This young woman took to YouTube to describe her experience with being raped at UVA. I think it is important to share her story.

I hope as alumni, we’ll take up her challenge to get angry and demand an environment at UVA where even one rape is seen as a failure rather than the tepid response…more >

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  1. Elliott on said:
    Hello Charlottesville Police, FBI, citizens of Virginia, US Congress, President Obama: investigate my school and beat the goddamn shit out of it! Pull all Federal funding: the nuclear option.

Sexual Assault Committee

Submitted on Nov 26, 2014 by Michael Connors (Col ’85)

Here’s part of the structural issue: this guy Brett Sokolow’s firm trains UVa’s sexual assault committee (and at least 50 other colleges) and he also is hired as lawyer and consultant on sexual assault trials by the same colleges. He is hired to limit Universities’ liability at the expense of sexual assault victims. His firm’s…more >

The Failure of Sullivan

Submitted on Nov 26, 2014 by Anonymous ()

I have read Sullivan’s remarks to the BOV linked below.

In no way does she mention what has been done wrong by her’s and past administrations. Obviously for these atrocious gang rapes to have occurred repeatedly, being known to at least some deans, something must have been done terribly wrong by Sullivan and by Casteen.

The failure…more >


Submitted on Nov 26, 2014 by Saira Rao (Col ’96)

Dear friends–

We are UVA alumnae, CLAS of 1996, and former members of the Greek system. Like so many others, we’ve been devastated by the Rolling Stone article outlining the rape culture at UVA. Devastated, but not surprised.

We call upon all of you to sign our petition to #AbolishTheGreekSystem.

The Greek system does not cause binge drinking,…more >

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  1. John Ferguson on said:
    I have no doubt that there are many thousands of alumni who will support the elimination of the fraternity system at the university. The idea must be given more widespread exposure. I also do not know what #AbolishThe GreekSystem means.
  2. Jeff Thomas on said:
    We have seen this week in Ferguson the emotional response to the tragic death of an 18 year old young man at the hands of a police officer. The community is outraged at the death of one of their own and cannot understand how this can be allowed to go unpunished. The racial...more >

Helping UVA create a culture of respect

Submitted on Nov 25, 2014 by Allison Tombros Korman (Friend)

The responses on this forum understandably run the gamut from shock and sadness to frustration, anger and outrage. They include numerous calls to end the rape culture at UVA. I write to respectfully offer a prescriptive strategy to shift the campus cultural norms from a rape culture to a culture of respect.

A cultural shift will…more >

Today’s Board of Visitors Meeting

Submitted on Nov 25, 2014 by J Willis (Com ’83)

Just finished viewing the open portion of today’s Board of Visitors meeting to address the implications of the Rolling Stone article. If others tuned in, I’d appreciate hearing their views as well. My immediate observations:

1. Underwhelming. They went around the table and everyone got an opportunity to make brief comments. It was an opportunity to…more >

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  1. William Haywood on said:
    Regarding #4 What's with the laughter? It's not funny. Please see my previous, typo-riddled post.
  2. J Willis on said:
    We are in dire need of a grass roots movement among the Alumni base to elevate Dr. Britt into THE position to lead us out of this morass. This man is pro-active, common sense driven. He wants to get something accomplished here. And I don't see anyone else...more >

Comments and suggestion

Submitted on Nov 25, 2014 by William Haywood (Col ’85)

I attended UVA back in the 80s. We first year students were required to attend a meeting on rape. It was held in a huge room in what were then known as the new dorms. The room was packed and the speaker, a female police officer was barely audible. The students were obviously uncomfortable discussing…more >

behavior of american men

Submitted on Nov 25, 2014 by Anonymous ()

As a foreign graduate UVA student, this has not only horrifying but also an immense cultural shock.

From the attacks of white men against other races in the past, to the recent school shootings, to the now unbelievable gang rapes against these men’s female classmates.


Stop talking and DO something and DO IT NOW

Submitted on Nov 25, 2014 by Chris "Jake" Steinmetz (Col ’88)

As horrible and terrible as this whole sordid tale SCREAMS to be addressed not through committees, months of contemplation, and weeks of discussion, but through swift and decisive action, it is not an Honor Committee matter; instead, this affair must be dealt with (as it was called way back when I was at UVA) the…more >

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  1. Zell Murphy (ENGR 87, Darden 92) on said:
    This post says it all. Decisive action, not words. The administration's "wait and see" approach has failed the University community once again. Chris is right: "the world is watching".
  2. H. Godard (GSAS 85) on said:
    "The world is watching" from Washington State. Immediate, serious, meaningful action now. I am ready to help. Thank you for your post.

Mandated reporting of Rape and Sexual Assault

Submitted on Nov 25, 2014 by Elliott Neidley (Col ’76)

As a graduate of the College in 1976, I have memories of dorm life in 1972. This was the first year that the university admitted 50% men and 50% women. My first week on grounds in Humphreys, I had a friend from another dorm tell me incredulously that a first year man on his hall…more >

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  1. Elliott Neidley on said:
    New York Times:
  2. afraid to say my name on said:
    As a foreign graduate UVA student, this has not only horrifying but also an immense cultural shock. From the attacks of white men against other races in the past, to the recent school shootings, to the now unbelievable gang rapes against these men's female classmates. Unbelievable

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