Interests, Skills & Abilities

Identifying those skills and strengths that you want to utilize in your work is critical to your career success. The more your interests and skills are involved in your work, the more satisfied you are with your work.


Alumni Career Services (ACS) offers the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory assessments. Both will provide you with insight into your individual interests and personality preferences. Find out more on the Career Advising page.

My Next Move

The O*NET Career Exploration Tool to help you match your skills and interests with potential careers.


Help identify your “ideal employers” using their simple matching test and connect with them on or offline. Kind of insightful. You can also sign up and browse their extensive list

Work Preferences

Understanding your job, career or graduate school preferences will help you develop clear decision-making criteria when the time comes to make some choices.  Use the simple exercise to get started.

Strengths Finder 2.0

Find this book in your library, your local bookstore or at this Amazon link and discover your natural talents for career and job success. 

Envision Your Future

Some people say a good way to plan your life is to think about where you want to end up – then work backwards. This exercise helps you describe the future that is your goal.

Testimonial Dinner

Reflecting on your future accomplishments is another way to gain insight to your interests, values and goals in this pleasant exercise.

Franklin Covey Mission Statement Builder

Stephen Covey said, “Creating a Personal Mission Statement will be, without question, one of the most powerful and significant things you will ever do to take leadership of your life. In it you will identify the first, most important roles, relationships, and things in your life–who you want to be, what you want to do, to whom and what you want to give your life, the principles you want to anchor your life to, the legacy you want to leave. All the goals and decisions you will make in the future will be based upon it. It’s like deciding first which wall you want to lean your ladder of life against, and then beginning to climb. It will be a compass–a strong source of guidance the stormy seas and pressing, pulling currents of your life.”